White Leatherite Bag from "Ashootabby"

7:05 AM

Hey Everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I am writing a post after a very long time and the only reason is that I was really busy in my studies and my final exams are just on their way but still I managed to write a short review about my recent purchase from a Facebook store "Ashootabby" .

So, Ashootabby is an online Facebook store selling some really amazing bags with many different designs along with some pretty good variety of eastern women wear. I decided to purchase a bag from this store and came across a white leatherite bag. I must say that the bag was like "my love at first sight" lol. I really liked the bag at once and without wasting any time i messaged them and got a quick reply and received my bag within 6 days.

Starting from the delivery, the delivery time was good and i received my order within the given time. The quality was excellent and the color was amazing. The bag has quite good space in it and i love the whole design. My purchase went smooth and i am very happy with it plus i will recommend you guys to visit the page. You may find some really amazing stuff there.


Price: PKR 1650  (After discount I got the bag in PKR 1400)
Quality: Excellent
Delivery timing: Good
Recommendation: YES

So, guys that was a quick review. Hope you all like it.
Many posts are lined up i will try my best to write them as soon as possible. Till then remember me in your prayers as I need them due to my final exams :)


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  1. Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! NEW POST http://blondelafemme.blogspot.ru/2016/07/floral-skirt.html

  2. beautiful bag

  3. That's a beautiful bag!
    Do well on your exam! Ace it!

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