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Hey everyone, today i came up with a guest post by  "Patriciah Collen". She is a copywriter at
I welcome Patriciah at am blog with a guest post on "2016 Color Trends".

Ours is the world hypnotized by fashion, trends, style, contrasts, and alluring colors that leave us in wonders, how they can make us so beautiful. And, when it comes to trend, style, and fashion for us (the women), what matters the most is the color selection.

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Yes, a color can either make or break our gorgeous personalities. We ladies, love to choose shades that can make us look stunning and superb. And, you all lovely ladies will be glad to hear that colors trending this season are just worth checking out.
No matter, if it is that stunning lip color, or,

Unbeatable sexy hair colors!

Or, these funky nail colors!

Or be daring with a stunning bag.

A right color makes a huge difference!
So, without much ado, let us look at those colors that, in no time, will make you fall in love with them.

Take a look here!

1.  Soothing Summery Rose Quartz

Vivid colors that create optimism and excitement are in this year. For our dazzling ladies, one of the prettiest colors that they would completely adore is ROSE QUARTZ. Oh! How not anyone would love this beautiful girly shade that can make you look fab in no time. Be it your outfit, accessories, bag or nail color, this color is not going to let you down this year.

Don’t forget your makeup! When coloring eyes in this color, it gives eyes that awesome summery look, which we believe no other color could bring to your eyes.

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So, no matter what you have got to shop, be it a blazer, top, lipstick, stilettos, or a gorgeous bag, this color is going to rule for longer. Be ready to get flushed cheeks like a budding flower, which will remind others of those light soothing summery months.

2  Then, comes the Peach Echo! 
Be it those designers, customers, or anyone else in the fashion community, everyone adores the color orange. Coming to the year 2016, it seems that this shade is here to stay. That friendly evoking warmth color that gives any lady a pretty playful look is all set to make you look super gorgeous this year also.

And, nail paints even look wonderful!

Those Peach Echo dresses and stunning bags!

Don’t forget to pop up your eyes with this beautiful shade.
this one is surely going to make you look simply stunning.

3. Limpet Shell, For Those Who Love to Look Fresh!
This shade of aqua is for those who loves to look clean and fresh all day long. No matter, how tired you are, when you have this gorgeous color by your side, all you need to do is sit back and let them wonder how you look spanking new all the time. If you ever go out for shopping and feel confused about choosing a right color,
Not just this shade is classy enough to make you look high-class, but also gives that girly look, which you always wanted.

So, when you are thinking of something classy, this one is going to rule the fashion world. 
That crisp and modern accessory!

And, yes, the fashion world is loving it too!

Displaying Pic 1.jpgSo, don’t miss this shade, when you out and shop for your favorite stuff this year. Be sure to do your research and find out from experts exactly how to mix and match accessories for maximum effect and shop wisely, read about the beloved purse you will buy on sites like Spotbags and find out if a deal is too good to be true before you make the purchase.
With the kind of culture we are sharing these days, it demands staying up-to-date. And, there is nothing to worry, when you have this trendy color list by your side and expert advice from fashionistas everywhere, you just need to look for advice online and go for what your heart desires.
So, go ahead, buy these shades, and be ready to look astonishing, no matter what the season is.


So, that was a guest post by Patriciah .
I hope you guys liked it.
Don't forget to give your feedback

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