Nova Gold Super Firm Hold Hair Spray - (Review)

12:08 AM

Hey girls, Today my post is about a Hair spray which I was using since a long time. Hair spray is very important to hold our hair styles for a long time and if it is a good hair spray we shouldn't hesitate to use it with every hair styling. I was just searching for some good hair sprays and came across this one last year.

  •   About the product :
The hairspray is in cylindrical shape with an attractive gold and black colour combination. The nozzle is covered with the plastic cap and overall packaging is quite good. The hairspray is affordable as I got it in PKR 250/- from a local general store and it contains 200 ml product. It is easily available all across Pakistan in affordable price range and the price may vary up to 350/- depending upon the general store.

  • My Experience
I started using this spray a year ago.After reading some good reviews on different websites I decided to purchase this one.According to the product it provide super firm hold with natural shine without stickiness and brushes out easily.
When I used this product first time I noticed that I have to use a good amount of spray to hold my style. This spray keeps my styling fixed up to 8-9 hours. The smell of the spray is a little strong but I can handle it easily and it's not a problem for me. It doesn't gives extra shine to hairs only the natural shine of hairs remains even after applying spray. I am really impressed with the style holding time. It really holds styling for a good time and after washing my hairs next day I didn't felt any kind of dryness , roughness or any kind of other thing. My hairs was like as they was before applying spray. The results was impressive and satisfactory. This was the second hairspray I used and I liked it a lot. I will recommend it to the girls who wanted to hold style for a whole day. It is best for working ladies.

  • Goods :
-Holds styling up to 8-9 Hours
-Doesn't damage hair in any way.
-Doesn't effect natural shine of hairs
-Easily available

  • Bads:
-Large amount of hairspray is used.
-Extremely Flammable

So, this was all for today.
Hope you all like this post. Don't forget to share your views

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  1. Não conhecia o produto.

    Isabel Sá

  2. I don't use sprays too often, but this one looks cool

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  7. I'm not a fan of this sort of products, but I'll take in mind if I need it.

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  9. lovely products, such a great blog
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. thanks for sharing a detailed review. would love to try this out.
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  11. Awesome post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Monday dear! :)

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  12. adorei mesmo

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  13. I have used it. Love the results. Its a pocket friendly hair spray with amazing results.

  14. Looks cool , I must try it !!
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  16. Acredita que eu nunca usei esse tipo de produto ?
    Pois é, mas acredito que tenha vários de ótima qualidade.

  17. I need a new hair spray, and I may have just found the perfect one. xx Thank you so much for this!
    ~ Sanjana

  18. this hair spray seems great! so cool it is also affordable.

  19. great post!


  20. Great review, thx for your honest opinion.

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  22. Great review! Would love to try!
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  23. Seems a good product!

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  27. I hope it doesn't make hair stiff. A hairstyle looks best when it appears effortless. The stiffness of hair just takes the beauty away.
    Great review <3
    thesistersgoshopping.blogspot. com

  28. I hope it doesn't make hair stiff. A hairstyle looks best when it appears effortless. The stiffness of hair just takes the beauty away.
    Great review <3
    thesistersgoshopping.blogspot. com

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  32. Hi!, thank you for sharing with us this useful information about this new hair spray. Cheers!

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