Sigma Affiliate Gift

10:18 AM

A month ago I was approved as a Sigma Affiliate and I added their banner at my Blog and after few days I got my Sigma affiliate gift with a cute letter in it by Kristina. :) .
Sigma is an international cosmetics company providing some amazing products related to skin care and other accessories. Sigma is totally a global company with authorized retailers in 225+ countries. Their brushes are highly appreciated and they contain a good collection of brushes for the every day use. I was very excited when I received their gift, the gift contains a Brow kit in "Dark" shade and an eye shade brush.
Sigma Gift

Brow Expert Kit

Eye shade Brush

Eye shade Brush

Brow/Lash Dual-Ended Brush

Brow Powder Duo

                           Highlight Duo

Swatch - Highlight Duo 

Swatch- Brow Powder Duo

This Highlight Duo is amazing for the perfect and gorgeous highlighting  of eyes. Both the shades are nicely pigmented and the formula is very much smooth. This would work great for creating an amazing look. On the other side the Brow Powder duo is also very nicely pigmented with same smooth texture and easy to remove.
The brushes in the kit are amazingly designed for a perfect brow.Dual ended brush is a thin dual ended brush which is used for creating perfect brows.
Over all all the things included in this kit are awesome and I am in love with all of them. This kit is amazing but I don't think it is very useful for me because I have naturally thick and shaped brows . I usually do not make them they are naturally in shape so this kit will be a little useless for me but still I love it because of its amazing result.

I hope you all like this gift by Sigma too :)
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