Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks - Review & Swatches

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are fine.I was not able to write any post due to my exams and now when the exams are over I am working on all pending reviews and will post them as soon as possible.
Coming towards the review, my today's review is about Odho cosmetics Lipsticks in four different shades.
We all know about our famous celebrity "Atiqa Odho" , she worked in many popular television dramas and film projects and had been  involved in both media and cosmetic industry in Pakistan . She started her professional life as make up artist in 1989 . She is currently CEO of Odho cosmetics.

The shades which I will review today are :
2- Pleasure
3- Bashful
4- Peaceful

Quality and packaging :

These lipsticks are packed in a beautiful red box containing a beautifully designed golden and red plastic cover of a very good quality. These are good in quantity and affordable. Thie price ranges between Rs 350/- to Rs 450/- depending on the outlet and which I think is a great price according to the quality. They are in a good range containing bright , dark and some nude kinda shades. All shades are nicely pigmented and 2-3 coats give a beautiful coverage

  • Rapture:
Rapture (Swatch)

This one is a dark red shade with a beautiful creamy texture. It doesn't left my lips dry at all and gives a soft effect.It is my most favorite of all other shades. I can use this with every kind of makeup and it can also be used at day as well as evening functions.I love red lipsticks and this one is an amazing addition to my collection. It beautifully covers the lips and turns out to be a great shade. This one is surely recommended to all of you. :)

  • Pleasure :

Pleasure (Swatch)
This shade is a light pinkish shade with a touch of glitter in it.It gives little dry effect on my lips  but leave glittery texture on lips. It is one of that shade which I would love to use at evening and  it will go great with some dark eye makeup. The only thing which doesn't satisfy me is that it is little dry as compared to all other shades.

  • Bashful :


 This shade is a light brownish shade with some grayish effect having a creamy 
and soft texture which goes best with light makeup.This is an amazing shade but we need  to be careful while using it on some dark complexion cause these kinda shades are  very tricky they can destroy whole look while on other hand they could turn out to be  perfect shade with the right makeup look.It depends totally on us how to carry such  shades. It would be easy to carry this shade on fair complexion.

  • Peaceful :

This one is a light purple/pinkish  kinda shade with a shiny and creamy texture. It gives wonderful coverage with a beautiful soft effect on lips. After rapture it is my second most favorite shade. It will look great with soft makeup . It doesn't left my lips dry and stays more longer than other shades. This one is a must for me .:)


Overall all the lipsticks are good , long lasting and have a creamy texture with an amazing shine. The shade Pleasure is a bit dry but it can be used with some other darker shade to give a glittery effect. 
So these were the amazing lipsticks by odho cosmetics, i hope you all liked the review 
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-This post may contain a PR post/product but my opinion is honest and is based on my own experience. 

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