Essence Lipstick in shade "Blush my Lips" (Review & Swatch)

9:49 AM

Hey Everyone! Today my review is about Essence long lasting lipstick in shade "Blush my Lips" .
Essence is a very famous brand with a lot of amazing products. Their lipsticks are long lasting and amazing with a great creamy texture.Lets see how this lipsticks works :)

My Experience:

 The day I got this lipstick I was very excited to try it out. When the first time I opened the cap the lipstick was broken from bottom and it was completely separated and the reason was the hot weather :( . Well I fixed it nicely but I have to use a brush to apply it otherwise it can again break from bottom.Now coming towards the review, this lipstick is a dark pink lipstick with an amazing creamy texture and the formula is quite smooth.It looks best with smoky eyes make-up and will look more awesome at night. I love bright and some dark lipsticks because they suit me very well and this one is surely an awesome addition to my favourite lipsticks. It is long-lasting specially for me ( A lipstick eater :p ) and also have a little shine which give some plus points to it. I think this lipstick is best for every occasion and even for casual wear.Over all this lipstick fulfils my all expectations and it become one of my favourite shade from essence. I will surely recommend this one to all of you if you are into some dark/bright lipsticks.

Essence "Blush my lips " (Swatch)  (Outdoor light )

Good :
- long lasting- gives a little shine to lips- one of my favorite color :)
- Creamy texture

- Didn't find any bad thing at all.

So that's all for today I hope you all like this post
Tell me in the comment box below :)

-This post may contain a PR post/product but my opinion is honest and is based on my own experience. 

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  1. love the swatches dear .. def gonna check them .. thanks for the great post <3

  2. wow the color is too pretty.lovely review dear

  3. If you keep the size of your images uniform, your blog will look much better. Just a suggestion. The colour looks very nice on you. I love the little essence logo on all their lipsticks. Keep it up!

  4. Color is lovely and i feel sorry for the broken bullet :(

  5. These lipstcks are great but shame it was broken.
    Thank you forr following my blog,
    I just followed back :)

  6. Essence lips products are amazing! I have the same lipstick.
    You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. i love red lipstick and your blog,

  9. Looking at the lipstick, I did not think the shade would turn out like that! I love it though! :)
    Great blog, already following

    Xoxo Jessy

  10. I love this colour, and I love creamy lipsticks! Xoxo diana