Essence Easy To Use Eyeliner Pen

12:24 PM

My today's review is about Essence Easy To Use Eye-liner Pen . Eye liner is one of the most important product for me . Essence is a famous brand with some amazing products including different nail colours , lipsticks and all. This is my first experience of an eye liner pen by Essence. Lets see how was my total experience 

    • What they say :
    -The eye liner pen with special brush-hair tip for super easy and precise application .
    -Long lasting, smudge proof , opthalmologically approved.
    • My Experience :

    I usually like to apply gel or liquid liners and this one is the first liner pen which I used.This liner contains a brush tip applicator which is easy enough to use. Because I was going to try it for the very first time my expectations was very high. When I applied it for the first time on my one eye it looks great.The black color was amazing. I was satisfied enough with it but after some seconds the tip became dry. Even after shaking the pen the liner couldn't show the best result on the second eye which was the only problem with it. Same thing happened again with me while photographing this product.I was taking pictures and the cap was opened and when i tried to swatch it, it couldn't make a single line correctly which was very disappointing.

    On the other side it have many good things too. It is longlasting and do not smudge. I  think it is great for summers.It is also very easy to remove.

    • Good:
    - Easy to apply brush tip
    - Long lasting
    - Smudge proof

    • Bad:
    - Tip dries very quickly
    - Couldn't apply correctly after first use

    So, that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading post
    Have you used this liner ? What was your experience ?
    You can tell me in the comment section below :)

    -This post may contain a PR post/product but my opinion is honest and is based on my own experience. 

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    1. Nice review. :)
      Blog is so ccuuttee...

    2. I am not a big fan of eyeliner but marker is an easy way but feeling awful to know it's performance....
      thanks for sharing

    3. i like eyeliner markers butt i am really disappointed with essence one's ...

    4. I m a huge fan of eyeliner markers n m def gonna give this a try .. thanks for the detailed review :) Makeupoholics

    5. eyeliner markers are great except they dry quickly

    6. Nice post dear. I haven't tried this brand yet , have tried Bourjois felt tip liner and that's a good one.

    7. I dont like eyeliner markers as they tug on skin but this sounds good.Nice review

    8. I love eyeliner markers as they are easier to use but the fact that the dries pretty quickly is not very appealing. :) xx

      Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    9. I actually went down from liquid liners to pen ones. but I find these so much easier and hassle free. Sad to read that it didn't work well after the first use, perhaps you should check others out. :) x

      Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    10. Yup ! i will check out more :)

    11. I prefer gel liners especially the loreal one, you should give it a try.

    12. I love eyeliner pens! they are so easy to use!! nice post! xx

    13. I have used this product, its amazing. marker liner are my favorite.

    14. I have essence superfine eyeliner pen but its only good for first few uses so I am very disappointed with these.

    15. Great review and loved your blog and I´m following ! Kisses

    16. Great product!!!I follow you back!!kiss